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Men's wallets online for the discerning gent

What do Abraham Lincoln, Don Bradman, Sir John Gielgud and Justin Bieber all have in common? That’s right, they all carry a wallet. The history of the gentleman’s wallet is long and sordid, but its function is simple and elegant:

In fact, empty the pockets of any upstanding gentleman (not that you ever would), and you will find his most sturdy and trustworthy tool of accoutrement: his wallet. We sell wallets for the brave, the clever, the charming and the trouser-wearing modern man.

We want to offer the best range possible, with pieces that you will not find elsewhere. We take great pride in ensuring your happiness both with our products and our customer service, so if we can do a better job then please let us know - and if you do have a great shopping experience with us then please share it with your friends. We have a broad range of designs constructed from a huge range of materials, from woven stainless-steel mesh that feels like silk, to a laminated paper wallet by respected New York designer Timo Weiland that provides a refreshing difference. And of course we have a big range of stylish leather wallets for men of distinction.

Please take some time to look around and contact us if you have any questions at all.?